SiasatRooz 10 Jun 2018 1:07 -------------------------------------------------- :Nujaba Secretary-General in Talk with Siasat Rooz Title : Imam Khomeini's Way is the Procedure Resistance Take in Fighting against Occupiers -------------------------------------------------- Text : aq in the sensitive conditions now governing in Iraqi Kurdistan? Isn t it the time for the Iraqi Kurdistan to join the Iraqi government as a part of a united Iraqi government, like other parts which are governed by Baghdad, as a counterstrategy to plots for disintegration of Iraq? In Kurdistan, some political groups seek to develop their influence and rob the wealth of Iraq, however the Iraqi Kurds don t want the disintegration of Iraq and I promise that the evil plans of those opposing a united Iraq will fail and they will be tried for whatever wrong they have committed. What is the plan of al-Nujaba Islamic Resistance to create and retain integrity among the Shiite, Sunni, Kurd and other Iraqi sects after the fall of the ISIL? What will be the response of al-Nujaba to those who break or undermine the unity of Iraq from inside or outside of Iraq? In the past years, we formed the Deputy for Religions Affairs and Approximation of Religions within al-Nujaba Islamic Resistance which mainly deals with creation of understanding among the sect and supports the clerics/scholars who try to establish unity among the people. In this regard, we had many achievements, we managed to return the congregation Imam of some groups to their mosques, the groups who didn t accept the Takfir discourse, and thus were attacked by the Takfiris and ISIS. al-Nujaba also managed to help some Iraqi Sunni groups to return to their cities and villages and it performed some cultural programs in those regions for the fulfilment of Islamic Unity. Some news have been published on the rise of a new terrorist group, White-Flags, after the collapse of ISIL. How do you describe the goals defined for this Terrorist group? and what will be the response of al-Nujaba to this and other similar groups? White-Flags group, is the remnant of the ISIS, which after the heads of the group escaped, Barzani Party supported and equipped them to attack the security forces in Kirkuk. It is much smaller than what is claimed by the media and indeed, it had prepared to get the control of Kirkuk after the defeat of Bazrani party, however it was badly defeated upon its rise. al-Nujaba played a significant and fundamental role since the attack of ISIS and many other attacks occurred. Our brothers have actively and bravely participated in the operations made across all areas, including Iraq security belt, Samarra, Tikrit, Baiji and Mosul; we managed to defeat the American plan and expel ISIL from Iraq. In this regard, you can see that Americans have directed the defeated heads of the ISIS group to al-Anbar” desert inside Iraq, Houran” plain in the west of Iraq and into some areas inside Syria and they are supporting them or moving them to other countries. Why did the US make such a plan on terrorists? Washington s new plan for the terrorists is a failure as it knows the ISIS is the best instrument in achieving its colonising and economic goals and its plans for plundering the capital and wealth of the Islamic countries and destruction of these lands through the excuse of the fight against terrorism. Therefore an effective security and military program should be prepared and applied by the countries of the region so that the Americans and their mercenaries will be expelled from the region and the true peace will be established in the West of Asia.