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Publication Date : Sunday 23 August 2009 09:00
‘Merkel Remarks Psycho-War against Iran’
An Iranian lawmaker brands the latest remarks by Angela Merkel regarding energy sanctions against Iran as part of the Western psychological warfare against the country. “Those who are vulnerable and in need are the Europeans as their companies could not do without Persian Gulf petroleum should they seek to materialize their plans as they have done before,” member of the National Security and Foreign Policy Commission at the Iranian Majlis (Parliament), Mohammad Karami Raad, told Fars News Agency on Saturday. The parliamentarian noted that the German Chancellor Angela Merkel had sought to gain herself some more votes in the forthcoming general elections through her irrelevant remarks. Karami Raad also stressed that the West is well-informed of Iran’s civilian nuclear activities. He said the Parliament will assess Merkel’s comments and accordingly review future Tehran-Berlin relations. “If there is no progress, we would have to react with further sanctions,” Merkel told the daily Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung. “What is clear is that Tehran, whose president constantly questions Israel’s right to exist, must not get the atomic bomb,” she said.
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