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Publication Date : Tuesday 4 September 2012 23:28
Mutual strategic steps of NAM and the West
The prospect of sixteenth non-aligned Summit in Tehran in August ۲۶, ۲۰۱۲, is a diplomatic coup for Iran...

The prospect of sixteenth non-aligned Summit in Tehran in August ۲۶, ۲۰۱۲, is a diplomatic coup for Iran, since some of the participants are leaders of states. The tenure of the movement will be transferred to Iran for three years as well.
The summit likely leads to improving Iran`s ability for bolstering international unity and more likely it turns into a symbol for defending Iran`s nuclear rights. Iran`s right for uranium enrichment aiming peaceful purposes has been supported at the previous NAM summits and its representatives in IAEA. In fact, NAM support of Iran`s nuclear program is necessary for Iran`s nuclear policies and the importance of this backup will be doubled within upcoming months because the permanent members of the security council plus Germany are on the verge of whether to grant or deny a nuclear agreement with Iran.
The western powers are now heading to this crucial moment after passing nuclear discussions in Istanbul, Baghdad and Moscow. On the other hand, the current situation makes it harder for U.S. and its allies to persuade Tehran to full-suspension of its future enrichment programs.
As expected, the U.S. and some of the western countries reacted negatively toward NAM summit in Iran and reiterated their useless claims on Iran`s non-commitment about the resolutions of the security council of the United Nations. But there are several reasons that prove more western optimistic attitude reduces political tensions rooted in enmity. Consequently, regional stability solutions and even resolving Iran`s nuclear issue are overshadowed by these tensions.
First, both summit and Iran`s presidency on NAM provides Iran with bigger and unique role as an international element. Iran will hold tenure of NAM for ۳ years as well. On the foreign affairs of NAM it depends on making a special plan in order to reflex the highly precious goals of Non-Aligned Movement and also rests on NAM political activities in IAEA as well as in Non-Proliferation Treaty revising summit.
Second, under the approach of the summit which is named as Permanent Peace, Tehran probably uses PP factor to play a bigger role in regional crises management. Certainly this role includes Syria as Iran hosted consultative meeting of foreign ministers to resolve Syria crisis. It`s the time for NAM to influence on wider dimensions in various issues while Iran has done its best in this regard. As a brilliant sample for NAM role in the regional crises, India and Pakistan has declared their readiness to discuss bilateral ties in the sideline of NAM summit.
Third, Iran is fully aware that its new state in NAM doesn’t mean to abuse this given trust for its nuclear crisis since, every incorrect step could damage sensitive ties between Tehran and Non-Aligned Movement. However Iran`s representative in IAEA has frequently guaranteed the peaceful nature of nuclear program and has assured NAM members on Iran`s non-military purposes. In addition, the summit and the leadership of Iran within three years, give Iran the chance to show off its identity against arm proliferation. Moreover Iran will be capable to put more pressure on Israel`s nuclear programs, as UN bid to create a middle east free from nuclear arms was hailed by NAM.
Fourth, unlike it is assumed, Iran`s achievements in NAM do not equal to take a weak position on nuclear issue. So the U.S. and its allies should give up their false idea about peaceful enrichment of Iran and take a more realistic and flexible policy to put an end to Iran`s nuclear issue.
This approach may include agreements with ۲۰ percent enriched uranium fuel exchange.
Finally, different concepts which is followed, coming out from NAM summit in Tehran and its tenure on the movement including regional stability, crises management and Iran`s bigger role as an influencing power in the region should be counted on in the calculation of western countries to take a more exact and more cautious approach toward Iran instead of zooming in mere binding policies.

by: Mohammad Pirali

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As the Tehran Summit of the Non-Aligned Movement will be another major opportunity for NAM Members, Observers and their guests to come together and to exchange views on the current international issues and hopefully take concrete measures in promoting cooperation and coordination among them, we hope that this website could be of help towards making necessary arrangements and coordination for smoothly and well organizing the Summit